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6 Questions That You Should Ask Financial Advisors

Financial advisors are individuals who can help you in making wise investment decisions. He will let you know which investment option will help you get good returns and also lower the chance of risk. Hence, it is very important to know a financial advisor who will make sure that your hard-earned money will help you in achieving high returns.

We can come across many frauds who call themselves as financial advisors. These people are only out there to steal your money by telling you that they will you invest your money in something that will fetch good returns. The only way to stop you from becoming a victim to these people is by asking a few questions. You should ask questions related to the following topics to the financial advisors:

1.Work Experience

The number of years is not important but what is important is that he should have spent enough time in going through the ups and downs of the market and analyzed plenty of profiles which helped him made better investment decisions.

2.Education Background

Some people think that it is not easy to become a financial advisor. However, anyone can become a financial advisor and you are not required to have a degree in a specialized course to call yourself a financial advisor. All that is required is that you should be well-versed with the jargon of the financial world and should have good knowledge about investment.

3.Number of Clients

If the financial advisor is managing the investments of plenty of people at one time then you can understand that he is not providing proper attention to all his clients. And if he is dealing with only a very few clients then you can understand that he has just started out his career as a financial advisor or people do not like to use his service.

4.Promotion of Financial Products

If the investment advisor is associated with some financial institution, he will try his best to sell you the financial products of his partner financial institution. Even though he may promote products that can really help you in doing more with your money, you will miss out on financial products that are sold by other companies. This can cause you to miss out on a good deal.

5.Research Department

Whatever decision the financial advisor will ask you to take should be a well researched one and should come from reliable research departments. The reason why it is important is that some scam investment advisors will ask you to make certain decision without relying up on information from a body like a research department.


Always go for a financial advisor who charges a small fee for providing investment decisions for annual portfolio. He will surely work together with you throughout the year in maximizing your returns whilst making sure there is minimum trading costs.

Do not hesitate to ask any questions to the financial advisor because his job is to guide you into making better investment decisions. Hence, he should be cooperative and polite enough to answer all your questions.


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