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Wind Energy Jobs - What You Need to Know For a Career in Wind

Steve Dunnigan

The wind energy industry currently employs approximately 50,000 people in the United States, but it has been growing at a phenomenal pace as oil prices continue to spike. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, as many as 500,000 wind energy jobs will exist by the year 2030 as the nation strives to use wind power to generate 20% of all domestic electricity.

A wind energy career has one important advantage over many other types of work: its nature will make it impossible to outsource. Because electricians, construction workers, and wind technicians must be present at the sites where the wind actually blows, workers in the wind industry can feel confident that their jobs will not end up shipped overseas to a low wage country. This means that a wind energy career offers those with the appropriate training and experience the prospect of long-term, stable employment.

A Geographic View of Wind Energy Jobs

Many wind employment opportunities will be located on-site at gigantic wind farms that already exist or are in the planning stages in states such as:

* Texas
* California
* Oregon
* Colorado
* Illinois
* Oklahoma

There is also strong potential for wind energy jobs to accelerate their growth in developing nations such as China. No doubt a great many such jobs will go to nationals, but since United States energy companies are looking to expand in such nations, English-speaking personnel with expertise in the wind power field will also be in high demand for jobs in foreign nations.

Types of Wind Energy Jobs

Wind power generation is a technological field demanding experts in several different specialties. Great potential exists for true career paths offering stable jobs with benefits, rather than just hourly work.

Wind engineers will be in high demand in the years to come as personnel will be needed to design newer, more efficient turbines as well as ancillary machinery related to the collection and distribution of wind-generated power. Wind engineers need to possess at least a Bachelor's Degree in mechanical engineering and have a fundamental understanding of renewable energy sources.

The fastest growing wind energy career is projected to be that of wind technician. These workers will assist in the construction, maintenance, repair, and daily operation of wind turbines. Wind technicians must possess a basic knowledge of electrical systems and hydraulics; typical entry-level requirements include a year of experience in a mechanical field. Training For A Career In Wind

Training may include on-the-job experience, but as wind power becomes more prevalent, employers will expect beginning wind technicians to possess formal training at the college level. There are already several such training programs in existence in community colleges in states from Iowa to Washington.

The Need Is Now

Large employers are already looking at these programs with interest. For example, the Mesalands Community College in New Mexico made the news when General Electric arranged to hire all wind energy program graduates for three years running.

That anecdote alone speaks to the need for more workers in the growing field of wind energy.



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