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An Accomplishment-centric Resume

What is the immediate challenge that your resume faces? It needs to make its mark, create a niche, and sell itself on the basis of the qualities that make it unique and outstanding. Your resume must send a strong enough message to assure that it’ll capture the attention of the employer for a superior time period than the many resumes that it is competing with. The best way to achieve this is by crafting an accomplishment-centric resume.

Why exactly are accomplishments so crucial to the success of a resume? Some applicants commit the mistake of highlighting and giving uncalled-for attention to responsibilities related to their former positions and the ones they are trying to fill. Responsibilities do have their place on resumes but they should not act as the focal point of the documents. Accomplishment increases the worth of a resume, no matter the kind of position the applicant is applying for. You need to validate and authenticate your statements claiming your achievements by providing specific facts and figures. Your accomplishments act as a promise that you can contribute the same kind of skills and success to your potential employer.

You need to avoid vague and meaningless statements that are not supported by statistics. If your resume doesn’t highlight and clearly state the sum of your achievements, your potential employer is not going to be impressed by false promises that hold no weight. You need to assure the employers of the promise that the event of your hiring holds. How did you help improve a particular condition? How did you deal with a particular setback? How did you contribute to a particular project? How were specific tasks achieved? Did you assist in generating revenue? The name of the game is evidence, facts and figures.

Your resume is the advertisement which centers on you. Don’t overlook the significance of keywords. While highlighting your achievements, use the strength of keywords. Don’t let shyness or inhibitions get the better of you. Use effective structure and implement language to your advantage. Play with words in such a way that your accomplishments act as the central point. Realize the importance of industry jargon if your main job sphere is not changing. Being aware of relevant terms and phenomena will add to the list of your competencies.

The accomplishment-centric resume should follow a clear and structural format. Don’t clutter your resume by listing your accomplishments and responsibilities together and creating a mess. You can follow the approach where you summarize your duties and responsibilities and give appropriate importance to your accomplishments by employing bulleting. You don’t have to try all kinds of things with the format. Arrange points according to their preference; don’t let your resume be a victim of monotony by presenting different sorts of areas in the same fashion.

Let the aforementioned pointers help you design an accomplishment-centric resume and in the long run, end up at the organization and position of your choice. The resume will help you show your potential employer the stuff you are made of.


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