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Thinking of Becoming an Architect?

Becoming an architect can be one of the most rewarding things you have ever elected to do. The exciting and challenging work of an architect does much to recreate and shape the spaces in which society lives, works and plays. Architects encounter endless possibilities in their careers. If you have decided to steer your college education toward this calling, you will need to know a few things about the road which lies ahead.

Once you have decided on this career choice, the decisions do not end there. There are fields of study within this field of study and you will have to decide which kind of architect you eventually want to become. That said; you will have time and opportunity to make the choice that is right for you. The course begins with the basic classes that all students with this major must take which includes calculus and theory of architecture. You may find that the introductory classes of the major are no cakewalk and often these are intended to weed out those students who do not have what it takes to make it in this competitive field.

In any case, a few introductory classes will help you narrow the options before you begin a more specialized course of study. During this time, research your options and decide which career path you see yourself taking. It is helpful to have information outside of what you are learning in school to get a real feel for the industry. Architectural firms or their freelancers are likely to be especially helpful sources of information. Take your time in making this decision, but do not wait too long because you do not want to make the wrong decision just because you have waited until the last minute to make it. After plotting out what kind of an architect you will become, the next logical step is to develop that specific career path. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree, you may find it necessary to further your education at a school with a more rigorous course of study in your selected field. You will want to ensure that you receive the best education possible, whether you decide to take up urban planning, residential design or commercial architecture.

When you have completed all of the educational courses you need, it is best to further your job prospects by interning at a firm or with a freelancer who works in your chosen architectural profession. Often, it is the case that an internship is required before you can officially begin work in this career. Internships may be paid positions, though many are not so plan accordingly. The main goal of an internship is to put the finishing touches on your education through hands-on activity with real time results.

To officially become an architect, you must go on to pass a licensure exam. Once accreditation is established, many budding designers look for their first jobs at established firms so that they may build both their resumes and their experience level. After some time passes, many decide that freelancing is the right choice for them. This career choice is by no means an easy one, but it is one that reaps plenty of rewards.


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Santa Fe
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