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Using Meditation to Forge on With Your Career


Nelson Berry

Some people just want to have jobs. Majority, though, want to build up a career. This means they want to see development usually in the form of promotion. They want to take up more trainings and improve their skills.

However, finding and getting into a career that you truly want is not that simple. You will find yourself embroiled in a lot of issues and problems. You can get entangled amid office gossip, deadliest deadline, and too much stress. Sometimes the challenges are too great you would think you would never achieve the goals you have set for your career.

When you feel like they are getting heavier by the day, you may want to meditate.

The Benefits of Meditation

Matthieu Ricard is 63 years old, French interpreter, and considered to be one of the happiest men in the world. His work along with the Dalai Lama had turned him into a Buddhist monk. However, that is not really the main secret for his excellent mood and high level of happiness. It is in meditation.

Meditation has become a part of culture of Buddhism. It has been around for thousands of years, and so far, it has never failed to bring plenty of benefits to its ardent practitioners.

What are its benefits? The topmost advantage of meditating is the gift of an uncluttered mind. It does this through proper breathing. When you breathe during meditation, you do so deeply and slowly. This is how you allow the air to pass in and out of your body while feeling its vibrations. When you get in sync with such vibrations, you will find yourself becoming more aware of the present moment, thus getting rid yourself the uncertainties and worries you may have about your career.

Moreover, when you have a clearer mind, it will be easy for you to make more rational decisions.

The Use of Subliminal Messages

Meditation also allows you one of the sub-branches of neuro-linguistic programming or NLP called subliminal messages. Also known as auto-suggestions, these sentences or statements have a way of changing your perception about things, usually shifting negative thoughts and emotions to something positive. Perhaps during the course of meditation, you can utter or listen to the following:

• I can be successful in my chosen career.
• I envision myself treading the path I choose.
• I can achieve all the job goals.
• My career path is clear.
• I will be following my own destiny.

The subliminal messages are meant for your subconscious, a part of your mind you do not have full control. When you can activate these subliminal messages, they become so powerful they can be your new belief system.

Practicing meditation does not happen overnight. It may even take months before you master it. Nevertheless, the benefits are definitely going to be worth the wait. In the process, you will notice how you become to be more productive, clear with your objectives, and definitely a much better person than before.


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