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Make the Employers Return Your Phone Calls

Are you feeling frustrated for not getting any response from the employer you gave an interview or send your resume to? If yes, you shouldn’t be as you are not the only person who is facing this situation and there are thousands of individuals who keep waiting for months and months for a call back from the company they applied in for a job.

The normal process of candidates screening is a slow process itself but when you are particularly in a desperate need of a job every second means a lot to you. Even after all of the hurdles when you get a call, many times you mess up real bad. So you have to make the best of whatever opportunity you get and whenever you get.

In order to get response, specially a quick one, you need to be proactive. You can make people return your calls if you are proactive. Below I am jotting down some tips that will help you in understanding how you may get immediate response from your potential employers:

Tip# 1 ‘Don’t expect them to get back to you’:

You should not wait and waste your time in expecting them to call you. Recruiters or employers are the ones who battle with hundreds of applications on daily basis and they may get busy and not call you. However, it doesn’t mean that they are avoiding you. As a matter of fact, if you are the one who wants a job so bad, it’s your responsibility to follow-up. Yes, you may follow-up if you don’t get a call in the next 3 days of the interview as you can not sit back and wait for the hiring call. Mostly people think or say that “If the company will need me I will be called!” it’s not the right approach and you should get back to the employer yourself and there’s nothing wrong with it.

Tip# 2 ‘Be proactive and sharp’:

Whenever you are in a telephonic conversation with your employer, never end the call without scheduling another one. This can only happen if your mind is opened and you are confident. Once you get a time commitment form the other party you make your chances strong for getting another chance of conversation that would lead you few more steps closer to your dream job.

Tip# 3 ‘Keep calling till you get a decisive reply’:

Many people will consider this a ridiculous idea, but I consider it a golden rule. If you could not set a next time call schedule when you talked to your recruiter, you may call him after 3 days. If you find yourself unable to get him in the first or second call, keep trying until you get him. The best idea is to call after the lunch time as before the lunch time everyone is running enthusiastically to complete half of his job tasks to make the rest of the day easier. Once you’ll reach the employer himself, you are most likely to get a decisive answer about your hiring status.

Thus, getting a call back is a tricky task but if you really want a job, you may do as mentioned above and you will see the amazingly positive results yourself!


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