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Did You Know That Your Small Resume Mistakes Can Cost You the Job?


Recently, I have to assist an employer with the hiring process and had to review numerous resume that were sent in. I couldn’t help but notice, how many people are not having success in their job search process because they have a poor resume to represent themselves to their potential employers.

A typical resume only gets a glance of about 15 seconds, if it gets looked at all. In today’s job market, only a well-written resume showcasing accomplishments and past performance results are that get noticed. However, in recent times I see so many job seekers making so many avoidable mistakes that caused them to be rejected.

A few of the major mistakes are reveled in the following paragraphs:

• Lying: Employers reported that they are constantly looking out for the significant increase in lies or serious exaggerated claims that job seekers make in their resumes. Most commonly, people lie about their accomplishments, salaries, or size of the team they managed. In numerous surveys of recruiters, it is always said never to lie on your resume.

ACTION STEP: Never lie on your resume. Most employers will catch you either in the interview or when they do reference checks. Therefore, inflating your qualification into fabrication is NOT a way of good marketing to get hired.

• No apparent accomplishments: Employers report that on most resumes they receive, people only have dull job descriptions without a list of any kind of results achieved while on the job. The surveyed employers criticized heavily on the generic resumes as worthless efforts.

ACTION STEP: Results sell! Use specific facts to highlight demonstrated skills, as well as past accomplishments achieved. Also, make sure you include the figures on how large, how many, what you did, and how it all turned out. Stress should be on actions that resulted in an increase in revenues, and any saving of time or cost.

• Lengthy resumes: Hiring managers that were surveyed reported that your resumes get only a glance of about 15 seconds. Long career often leads to numerous pages in which important accomplishments get lost. With so many people applying, hiring managers generally don’t read anything beyond a page.

ACTION STEP: Create a one-page resume which is concise and displays your top achievements at the top. Recent information should be highlighted that is relevant and it related to doing the targeted job. It is ideal to create more powerful sentences using action words.

• Spelling mistakes and use of micro-type: One of the biggest complaints of every hiring manager and HR person in our survey was the spelling mistakes. Employers reported that typographical errors reflect the poor quality of work they can expect from you. Furthermore, reducing the font size to put more information into a resume often results in making it harder for the employer to read. Employers generally skip reading the resume with very small type

ACTION STEP: Proofread! To remain competitive, perfection is absolutely necessary. Plus, use 12 fonts with a nice layout that can be read easily. Use clean fonts to make the phone numbers and email contact information easily visible.

• No cover letter: Employer report, only a few candidates today send their resumes with cover letters. They are essential, and according to the employers, can get you interview call by themselves.

ACTION STEP: Take the time out to create a targeted letter that is addressed to only the needs of the employer. Open the letter advertising some of your top skills and accomplishments then highlight exactly how you can perform the job and show definitive outcomes.


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