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Losing a Job: How to Face it With More Strength

As of August 2011, there are about 15 million people who are currently unemployed. This report is according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The number may include you.

Regardless of the reason, losing a job is a very painful process, especially if you’re not completely prepared for it. You don’t have savings to speak of, and there are mounting bills you need to take care.

Despite the dampened spirits, the situation should not cause you to feel extremely bad. There are ways on how to develop an inner strength to go on and find a much better work for yourself and loved ones.

Know the situation is temporary.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to be jobless for the rest of your life. Your situation will improve pretty soon. If you find it difficult to convince yourself, you can use the following subliminal messages:

There’s a light at the end of the tunnel.
I have the capacity to look for another job.
I am looking forward to a much better job someday.
I believe that more opportunities are coming my way.

The subliminal messages can greatly improve your manner of thinking. The subliminal messages will make you realize you still have a lot of confidence within you to move on.

Start searching.

Don’t wait for loneliness and depression to sink in. The moment you lose your job, start looking right away. You can make use of the World Wide Web and websites such as Monster.com as well as newspapers, journals, and referrals or word of mouth to increase your job listings.

Discover unique opportunities.

You may want to take some time to assess your skills. Perhaps you have some talents you haven’t really pursued well, and they can provide you with the money you need. For example, if you’re a good cook, you can work as an on-call chef. You can be a landscaper or gardener if you’re blessed with a green thumb. You can organize garage sales for friends and family if you have excellent salesmanship skills.

Update your skills.

You may also want to enhance whatever skills you have. This way, when you are ready to search for another job, you can apply for a much higher position, and you can sell yourself as something more valuable to the company. Some communities conduct free classes, so you may want to be more alert on schedules. You can also apply for certifications online to cut back on costs.

Get a lot of support.

The last thing you want to feel is you’re completely alone with this battle. Obtain plenty of support from your loved ones, especially from your parents and friends. Allow them to cheer you up or accompany you once in a while in looking for new work. At this difficult time in your life, you definitely need to feel plenty of love and ray of hope.

The basic rule when you lose a job is this: don’t give up. The moment you do, you remain a failure for the rest of your life.


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