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HR Certification and the Staffing Process

There are several stages in selection and staffing. This is a continual cycle with employees finding positions, working a job, leaving for new opportunities, and repeating the process. Throughout the cycle, HR professionals play a role in several important steps. Human resources certification, or HR certification, can help HR professionals navigate their roles in the process.

We can break down the staffing process into steps:

1. Employee performs a job

2.Employee leaves the organization they work for

3.A need is identified (to replace the individual)

4.The need is structured (define what the organization needs)

5.Find and identify individuals that may meet said need

6.Interview those individuals

7.Select the right candidate

8.Onboarding process for the new employee

9.Employee performs a job... (process continues)

An effective HR professional should be able to not only implement strategies to retain their organization's valuable employees, but also to manage employees leaving and coping with a decreased work force. HR certification will help those professionals to create and utilize reports that can measure the success (or failure) of their organization's selection and staffing program.

Two key aspects of HR that human resources certification covers are reporting and effectiveness. If your HR department is effective, you need to display this to management so that they will want to have a good partnership. Reporting can show your successes and display the fact that the HR department is an essential component of the company. HR certification gets into a variety of reports and tools that you can use.

You will also want to differentiate between measuring and reporting. It is through measurement that HR can report not only the efficiency but also the effectiveness of HR practices. Measuring is the activity of tracking, collecting data, calculating statistics, and developing useful information to help inform future business decisions.

Strategic reporting analyzes results and demonstrates strategic effectiveness by assessing data in the context of the organization's business. We measure because we need accurate data to make informed decisions, and we report strategically because this is the way to quantify the contribution of the staffing function of HR.

How do we know what to measure and report on? Human resources can measure many factors, depending on the organization's business needs. Measure factors relevant to the organization's goals. Resignations, turnover, number of open jobs, number of requisitions processed, and number of requisitions filled can all be valuable reports. In addition to showing the type of work HR does, these types of data support subsequent analysis that helps human resources collaborate with senior management and others in making future business decisions.

Presentation is always important when you are creating and presenting reports. The report should organize the information compiled as responses to the questions asked. It should include charts, narrative explanations, and analyses. Creative and effective uses of technology can help human resources prepare well-designed, user-friendly reports. Many HRIS systems today can automatically gather and generate the information and data to incorporate into reports.

It is clear that the HR department is critical to the success of a selection and staffing process. Through reporting and measuring efficiency, which can be learned in an HR certification course (human resources certification course), we can develop the skills necessary to report on the process as well as make critiques and improve our performance.

This article is adapted from ILRHR510: Selection and Staffing - the Staffing Process. This course contributes to the HR: Selection and Staffing and the Human Resources Practices certificates from Cornell University, available from eCornell.

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