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Tweeting For a Job - Finding Your Dream Job on Twitter

Nowadays, Twitter has become a household name. The micro blogging website has played a phenomenal role in finding jobs for people across the globe. The attractive feature is that not just the job seekers, but job makers are also streaming into Twitter and hence making it to be a platform to connect both the parties.

How to find jobs on Twitter? Obviously, you should have a Twitter account which is customized well enough to give it a professional look. Becoming a job seeker in Twitter is a 7 step process:

1.The name of your profile should contain your real name and not any alias name or nicknames. Also, upload a recent photo to your profile.

2.Use a clear and simple username. It’s advisable to use your first name and last names together so that the employer can easily identify you.

3.Give an online CV link and precise bio data information.

4.Do not protect your updates as it restricts the reach of your profile.

5.The can choose one of the themes offered by Twitter or you can create your own custom theme.

6.Now start sending tweets about your job search and update your job profile periodically.

7.The hashtag madness. Hashtags are the one of powerful search tools in Twitter. You can add # at the beginning of your keyword. This makes Twitter to organize its search and to disseminate your job search to as many users as possible.

You can make use of the umpteen number of tools offered to find jobs on Twitter. Here is a gist about the various search tools offered by Twitter:

To search for jobs posted in Twitter TwitterJobSearch – This site differs from the micro blogging search by providing fine-tuned search results.

TwitterJobCast – You can get to know about the latest jobs that are posted in Twitter and post your job search tweet. For the best search results use the word hiring.

NearbyTweets – It’s an excellent service that shows tweets from your region in its home page itself. You can change your search or add more keywords to refine your search.

TwitHire – It helps to find jobs on Twitter by listing the jobs that are currently available on Twitter.

Tweet Scan – This service helps you to find jobs on Twitter more easily by sending an e mail alert whenever your keyword appears on Twitter.

There are tools for organizing your job search like TweetDeck, Twuffer, and twtjobs and for providing you with the instant job alerts like Twitter Job Alerts, Connect Tweet, Monitter and Twilert. Only a few tools are mentioned here; the list is very long. Create a Twitter job account and Twitter yourself a job!

Finding Jobs is Just a Tweet Away

With the increase in layoffs in the current scenario, you might be one of those who are left with no other job than to search for a job. Job hunt through Google search or website hopping might not prove to be successful always. These methods consume a lot of your time in job search yet you will not be getting to know about the jobs to the hilt. The best way to find jobs easily and effectively is by using Twitter.

To the find jobs on Twitter, you must know how to present yourself in the best way to the employers. Enter your precise job profile in Twitter bio. Make it short to be 120 characters or less so that you have some space left out for retweets. Choose a professional - looking avatar and a Twitter background. There are free templates to help you design your own Twitter background. You can also add a link to your online curriculum vitae so that the employers who are interested in your field of expertise will get to know about your job profile in detail.

Once when you find that a recruiter follows your Twitter account, you can contact him/her. But before doing so, read the recruiters' bio data, the number of followers they have, following ratio and most importantly, their link to their website. The recruiter should be asserted as a credible person who is really waiting to recruit you. Also, you can monitor and search for other people’s post on Twitter, which can be either job information or career guidance information.

There are a few tools that help you to find jobs on Twitter easily, listed as follows:

Microjobs – This tool brings the recruiters and the job seekers together. Numerous recruiter post tweets at Microjobs which will be sent to the job seekers with a similar profile automatically.

Tweetmyjobs – This application helps you to sign in yourself to the various job fields that specialize on your arena. Getting mobile alerts and job opportunities available within your region are the features of this application.

There are some job search accounts that help you to find jobs on Twitter categorized based on the fields, companies, regions and job types. Other tools that you might find to be useful are Twello, JustTweetIt, and TwitterRoll.

Another way to find jobs on Twitter is by using Twitter Job Finder. It was developed by Caimin Jones, a Twitter API Developer. The need to use the Job Finder is it looks for job posts in Twitter for the requested field, segregates job openings and career information and the service returns the latest job openings. The obvious advantage is that you don’t have to waste time in reading the career guidance posts sent by other users.

Find jobs on Twitter and get cracking within a few days time!

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