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Cold Protection For Workers

During the cold months or the winter season, workers who are working outside or in the field are at highest risk for developing problems related to the cold. And so, both the employers and the workers need to be aware of the important measures that need to be taken in order to ensure employee safety and performance despite the cold weather.

Workers should know the risks. Working under extreme weather conditions is not only hard, it may also be very dangerous. There can be situations when the worker’s health and well being is placed in grave danger. And when this is the case, workers should be aware of their job, the possible dangers, and the risks involved with what they are going to do.

It will be the employers’ responsibility to provide this information. They should be able to settle with an agreement with their workers before the job is started. But, likewise, it is the worker’s role to find out about the specifics of his or her job.

Know the signs. Employers should educate and workers should be knowledgeable of the signs and symptoms to look for and be wary about while working in cold weather while on the field. For example, for frostbites, they should watch out for numbness of the fingers and toes.

Also, the skin should be inspected for its color, temperature, and its capillary refill. Sometimes, there will be a tingling sensation in the affected body parts. In some serious cases, there will be pain.

When a worker has very low body temperature, also known as hypothermia, there will be other signs like chills, drowsiness, and lack of concentration in the job.

Know what to do. When both the management and the employees are aware of what to look for, they should also be aware of the things that they need to do in order to help a person suffering from an occupational accident related to the weather. There should be training conducted on how to respond and how the situation should be handled. There should be drills conducted as well.

For workers who have frostbites, they should be provided as soon as possible with heating blankets and warm water. Maintaining movement on the affected area will keep in functional. Then, for those who are suffering from hypothermia, the same measures might be taken. But also ensure that you check for the person’s consciousness and as much as possible, keep him awake.

Prevent injuries. And of course, prevention is always a better management alternative than cure. There are several things that both the management and the workers can do in order to avoid such unfortunate situations from occurring.

For one, proper and regular training should be conducted regarding safety techniques and safety equipment for the workers to use. The employer should provide all the things necessary to protect their employees.

Gloves, coats and other personal protective equipments should be made available.

Workers should be prohibited from consuming caffeinated drinks as well as alcoholic ones. Also, there should be warm and enclosed areas for them to be able to take their breaks and rest.

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