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What Are the Highest Paying Jobs For College Students?

Lester Voit. When you are a college student, every spare dime counts. You have to find some way to afford tuition, room and board, books and all the extra things that college students need. Grants, scholarships and loans often don't stretch far enough to cover it all! So when you are looking for a great job for college students, you are looking for one that offers great pay as well.

Here are a few jobs that will add some padding to your bottom line:

Administrative Assistant. A job available both on campus and off, the assistant position will provide you with a very nice paycheck, as well as a good work environment. The job of an administrative assistant is fast-paced and requires a self-starter to get the job done on time. You will be doing a lot of paperwork and fielding all kinds of calls and requests. It's challenging and it usually pays more than 20.00 per hour.

Personal Trainer. If you have a knack for teaching others and a love of physical exercise, becoming a personal trainer might be the best option for you. Not only do you help others get into shape, you always get a good workout yourself! The best part is getting paid for it - most personal trainers can command at least 20.00 per hour-long session.

Desk Clerk or Hotel Management Team. This job is fantastic for those who are going into some sort of management degree. The job requires taking care of the needs of all the guests of the hotel, no matter how small or large the request. At an average pay of 10.00 per hour for the desk clerk and over 20.00 an hour for management salary, your bank account could be sitting pretty.

Computer Technician. If you are great with computers and know how to help people learn to use them, you could make an excellent computer technician. Your job duties could range from fixing computers and their accessories, to handling customer service and technical support over the phone, or even holding classes for those who are less computer-savvy than you are. At a nice salary of up to 25.00 per hour, all that computer knowledge could pay off in big bucks.

Restaurant Service. Although the restaurant business can be very stressful and a bit chaotic, there is certainly money to be made in any food service position. You will be able to make a standard wage for servers (usually around Minimum wage), but the real money comes from the gratuity you receive from customers. So if you are a people person, you have some patience, and you have strong communication skills, serving at a restaurant will provide you with great experience and exposure with great potential to cover some bills.

A high-paying college job will help you pay down that tuition and the little necessities of college life. If you have the skills to command a job with a big paycheck, take advantage of the opportunity! You will not only make a nice income, but you will learn skills that will be helpful in your future career

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