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The Texas Three-Step Job Search

Do you live in Dallas, San Antonio or Houston? You most likely heard about the market collapse that sent the American economy spiraling into the most severe recession since the Great Depression. The job market offers less job opportunities and expects more of job candidates to land available job positions. College graduates without job experience must choose to accept job positions unrelated to their college degrees.

Unemployed workers are getting rejected due to a number of economic reasons, possibly including the unappealing nature of their unemployment status and the lack of work experience in the job position. In the past month, President Obama signed the unemployment discrimination into law. The federal government expects all employers to adopt fair recruiting practices among job candidates. It’s no secret that the Texas job market is experiencing growth rather than high unemployment. What is expected of Texas job seekers to improve their job search?

The Texas job market is thriving. According to Robertson (2011), Texas created 328,000 between June 2009 and July 2011, making up “47 percent of the national net job creation” (par. 5). It can be argued that an increase in the state’s population can offset job creation statistics. However, the Texas job market remains the best in the country. Governor Perry has held Texas together under extreme market conditions amid an economic crisis that has swept the nation in the past three years. Texas job seekers can continue to contribute to the lucrative job trend in Texas through following the Texas three-step in job search:

1. Texas job seekers can jot down five job positions that compliment their job experience and interest level. It is highly important to apply for job positions with relevant experience. Employers look for job candidates with multiple years of experience in the respective job position. Moreover, your interest level encourages you to put forth the best effort to secure a job position. Whereas, selectiveness can limit your job search, maintaining interest in finding a job that compliments your interest level improves your ability to remain competitive.

2. Improve your computer skills with training courses. Know your way around the Internet, know how to use the search engines, learn Microsoft Word and Excel, gain experience with new software programs and understand online marketing to become computer savvy. The Internet is paving the wave to the future. Many companies are shifting their financial resources to the Internet. Billions of people spend their time online. Facebook, Twitter, Google and a few high traffic websites holds valuations above $1 billion. Essentially, companies realize the advantage to online marketing. Your computer skills can help you to rise above job candidates competing to land your desired job position.

3. Get a professional resume writer to write your resume or curriculum vitae (CV), and cover letter. Most professional health care positions will require a CV. An experienced resume writer understands what is required to help you gain exposure. The most skilled job candidate who has a poor resume will likely lose out to another less skilled candidate with an excellent resume. Many job seekers assume a cover letter is unnecessary. Professional resume writers collect information pertaining to your experience, education and skills, and then they write a quality resume or CV, and a cover letter to attract employers.

The Texas three-step in job search is to find a job that compliments your job experience and interest level, gain computer skills to improve your overall technical skills, and to get a professional resume writer who can market your job experience, college education, and skills through writing a quality resume and or Cv, as well as a cover letter to attract employers willing to interview and to hire you to fill a desired job position. While the Texas job market continues to remain strong, job seekers are encouraged to pad their resume to gain a comparative advantage over their competition.


Robertson, L. (2011). Texas-sized Recovery. FactCheck.org. Retrieved October 27, 2011, from http://www.factcheck.org/2011/08/texas-size-recovery/

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