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The Work of a Technical Product Sales Representative

Many companies today use a lot of scientific equipments in order to continue their operation. For example, the food manufacturing industry needs mixers and packaging materials. The water testing industry needs chemicals as well as laboratory instruments to analyze their samples. The electronics industry scouts for more advanced equipment to be able to speed up their production or to create a new gadget. These products are not commonly seen in malls and establishments. These products are advertised and sold through Technical Product Sales Representatives. Basically, this person serves as a promoter of different products needed or related to science and engineering, chemistry, biology, electronics and a lot more.

The main objective of a sales representative working in the technical field is to maintain, or better yet increase, the sales of the different products or equipments. He is responsible for contacting regular and new customers, and also explains the benefits that can be gained by the company by using their products. The technical sales representative also asks the different companies their needs and tries to address them through their products and services. More importantly, they will discuss the different advantages of their products as compared to the similar ones manufactured by their competitors.

Another major objective of a technical sales representative is to provide price quotes to all interested customers. He or she is also responsible in the monitoring of the product’s availability. Aside from providing price quotes, the representative also makes negotiations so as to generate more customers. He or she may provide promotional deals as long as it is approved by the sales company. One example would be the payment terms such as through installment, credit, cash out and a lot more.

A technical sales representative should have the technical background in relation to the products that he or she is selling. He should be able to answer the technical questions given by the client. More than that, if he is selling equipment, he should be able to explain how it works and what can be done in case of product dysfunction. As much as possible, when the sales representative is presenting the equipment the he is selling, everything should be tackled and well explained. All the important details should be given with regards to the use of the product, its limitations, troubleshoot and payment terms.

Since the technical product sales representative promotes different scientific products and equipments, he or she should be able to speak and understand the English language very well. He should also be able to present himself confidently and must deliver a rapport that will be able to attract customers. Aside from these, he should be equipped with the knowledge and skills with regards to the product he is promoting. He should be familiar with circuit boards, processors, electronics, computers and programming. He should also be a good listener because it is a part of his duty to understand the problems of the clients. Lastly, he or she should also be witty and resourceful in providing solutions to the problems of their clients.

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