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How to Make Your Employment Application Stand Out

Lauren Dzuris. Are you currently looking for a part-time or full-time job? If so, it is best to think about what kind of work you’d like to do. Would you like a job that works with people a lot, a job that is great for independent people or one that requires a degree? There are so many different jobs out there, and they are all different in their own way.

I find it best to work a job that you enjoy, one that shows your talents and strengths and one that won’t wear you down right away.

Regardless of what you end up doing, it is important to first apply and get accepted to the job. With all the people looking for jobs these days, there is more competition than ever. Some cities have little to no job offerings, yet some places have hundreds. It all depends where you live. But if you’re one of the unlucky ones that have a lot of competition, you want to make sure your job application stands out from the rest.

A job application is what may or may not get you the job that can/could change your life. If you don’t stand out from the others, or you don’t fill it out properly because you simply didn’t read it right, that may count as a strike against you. So, take your time, fill it out honestly and try to stand out from the rest. How can you do that? Continue reading below for some tips.

• First of all, before you even write anything make sure you read the question twice. You don’t want scribble marks all over your application. Also, you want to look professional not like someone that is in a hurry to get things done.

• Also, always fill out your application in pen, unless of course it says pencil only. Filling it out in pen looks neater, and won’t erase or smear.

• Make sure you spell everything correctly. The smarter you look on your application the better. You don’t want to make a lot of mistakes and misspell easy words. If you do, you will look uneducated compared to others.

• Make sure you fill out your information honestly. If it asks where you live, give them the correct address, if it asks your criminal history and past job experiences, make sure you’re honest. If they find out that you’re already lying ahead of time, that’s bad news.

• Write down good qualities about yourself. Also, be sure to list your contacts as people that would say something good about you. If you worked a job and recently quit to upgrade in life, and you know you were well liked, give them your old boss’s number.

• Lastly, if you have a resume, try stapling it to the back of the application. When people go above and beyond, they stand out from the others that do the minimum amount of work.

Filling out a job application takes a lot of thought and concentration. We don’t want to mess up, look messy or come off as uneducated. So, be sure to consider a few of these tips for help!

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