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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Working on an Oil Rig

Whenever you mention an oil rig job to a friend or relative they're going to have a perception of precisely what the job will be like for many they believe that it is an outstanding occupation and for others their own worst nightmare. Work on an oil rig will take a huge amount of dedication as well as mental toughness but it can also be quite rewarding. There are many opportunities to be taken on an oil rig for the right man or women and once you have been accepted onto the actual rig you'll be able to go farther through the promotions until you are pleased.

There are many pluses and minuses to being employed on an oil rig and you will have to consider if it's the particular occupation for you personally. You have to be in good physical shape to be effective on an oil rig and you will need to undergo a complete medical exam before they allow you on board. The career is extremely strenuous and will become stressful not only on board but at home as well. You'll be away for extremely long periods of time and for several young families this simply doesn't work out.

You are expected to work 12 hour shifts for 14 solid days as oil rigs never sleep someone is always working and the tasks are difficult you'll be fatigued at the end of each and every shift. The noise on the oil rig may become an issue if you can't sleep easily you will find the operating noises may affect you. Oil rigs tend to be in areas of the ocean in which the weather conditions are relentless which means you will be working in some of the world's worst weather. You will need to have strong sea legs and an even stronger stomach in order to help you handle the wind and the rain battering you.

There are however some great factors to being employed on an oil rig as well, it's a very secure job and if you work hard you should have the career for a lifetime. Promotion is very easily accomplished and you will be learning additional skills every day on the oil rig. The job is financially secure and the pay is very good which keeps your household economically safe. Although you'll be expected to work extremely long hours whenever you receive holidays they are long vacations. You can be entitled to over 4 months off a year which is a large amount.

The facilities aboard the actual oil rig are extremely good. The employers want an individual to be as relaxed as is possible to get the most work from you. Frequently there are cinemas, gyms and saunas to enable you to loosen up when you're not working. As well free meals and phone calls home are often incorporated to inspire you to be happy and work harder. Oil rigs can be a wonderful place for the right person and deciding whether it is a career for you personally is totally your choice. You will need to read all of the pros and cons and make a clear decision as it is a great career for the right person but horrible for the wrong person.

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