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Gambling on your Job Search in Nevada

Nevada is known for Las Vegas and Reno. Casinos and hotels rule the Nevada job market. According to CNN Money’s (2011) unemployment state guide retrieved from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Nevada ranked number #45 on a list of 50 states with the highest unemployment rates. Do you feel that you need to know someone to land a job in Nevada? The unemployment rate has an impact on all careers. However, job opportunities in casinos are lucrative job careers. Are you gambling on your job search in Nevada?

Nevada jobs are mostly concentrated in the two most populous cities in the state of Nevada. Las Vegas casinos generate billions of dollars in revenue annually. There are new casinos sprouting up on all available land along the Las Vegas Strip as well in the downtown district. Las Vegas casinos depend on management, hotel front desk, guest relations, restaurant, cleaning, security, and cashier jobs. In the Planet Hollywood Casino, the mall strip features many brand stores ready to hire employees. Construction jobs in Las Vegas remain in high demand.

Unlike Reno, Las Vegas represents Nevada’s most premiere real estate location, encouraging investors to build new casinos in prime locations to capture new hotel guests, casual and professional gamblers, and show audiences. Despite recent news of Las Vegas experiencing the economic fever, the casino market remains a stable industry. According to Green (2011), Las Vegas is on pace to reach 39 million visitors in 2011. Las Vegas conventions continue to attract visitors to the entertainment capital of the world. Use a winning strategy on your Nevada job search.

Do you want to increase your luck in landing a better job in Nevada? Get a resume writer to write your resume. Don’t gamble on your resume, especially when the job market is highly competitive. Nevada cities such as Las Vegas and Reno advertise many customer service job positions. Have a resume writer write your customer service resume to boost your odds. Nonetheless, gambling on your Nevada job search is better done with a professional resume writer customizing a quality resume rather than submitting a generic resume. Roll a 7 with a resume writer to win your dream job.


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