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Get Paid Well in IT

No one will admit it during the application process, and certainly never in the interview, but there’s only one reason that any of us works: money. Sure, we all want to find work doing what we love, but that’s a rare thing these days. However, there are a few factors other than money that can help the workday go by faster. Having sense of accomplishment at the end of the day or at the end of a project is rewarding and satisfying. Being challenged and constantly learning also goes a long way to prevent frustration and boredom. A career in IT will absolutely be a regular exercise in thinking on your feet, and as you see each challenge through, you will walk away satisfied after a job well done. And hey, if you’re still thinking about the money, here are a just a few of the highest paying jobs in computer and information technology, according to Don E. Sears, a journalist for e-Week, the online source of high-tech news. According to Sears, these positions net anywhere between $50,000 and $175,000, annually.

Operations Manager: An operations manager will generally oversee the production end of a company, ensuring the supply-chain is running smoothly and goods and services are produced in a timely and cost-effective fashion. In this role of overseer, an operations manager will likely have to fill multiple roles at an establishment, but is generally provided with multiple departments to address the specific issues. This position often requires several years of "in field" work experience but can be very rewarding when successful.

Web Designer: A web designer works with clients to create Websites. Web designers listen to the client’s ideas and desires, and do their best to enact them. This can entail graphic design development, organization, and embedding interactive features. The web designer should monitor the behavior of the site throughout the building process to ensure that it is secure, intuitive, and in accordance with the client’s goals. Having a strong eye for details will increase your success and marketability.

Web Developer: A Web developer is somewhat different from a Web designer in that a Web developer builds web applications and observes the way in which they behave across multiple browsers. Web developers work in-depth with various programming tools, wither alone or on production teams, to create and integrate Web applications, services, and interactive features for several different kinds of sites. In essence, this position should combine the creative savvy of the Web designer with the technical know-how of a Web engineer, while utilizing the organizational skills of a project manager. Working with computer code can often be labor intensive and boring work, but if you enjoy trouble shooting and problem investigation this career path might work well for you.

Messaging Administrator: A messaging administrator must be a master of communications, and be able to envision as well as put into action user-friendly servers for e-mail, voice mail, social networking, and the like. Messaging administrators should be able to field tech support issues, web security concerns, and data retrieval. It is also the responsibility of the messaging administrator to periodically implement upgrades to improve the servers. Being able to complete tasks quickly and accurately is important to complete projects and fixes without extensive down time.

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