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How to Keep Your Job

You can be sacked. Your boss can be sacked. Your boss’ boss can be sacked. This is the brutal truth in today’s economy. As long as you are hired by someone, you can be fired. The company you are working can give it any name they want to get rid of you; re-structuring exercise, voluntary separation scheme (VSS), downsizing or any other fancy terms, but in plain English, you are terminated from your job.

There are only a few jobs that cannot be done by two people. With seven billion people living today, it is hard to imagine there is a job that only one very special person can do. I bet there is at least another person who can do your job right now. More often than not, there a two or three people who can substitute you.

You must accept the fact you are not indispensable. Almost no one is. But you can make sure that you are highly prized and your employer loses more if he gets rid of you rather than keeping you. Here are 9 ways on how to keep your job ( as long as possible):

1. Get the basics right. The basics includes, coming early to work, never late for meetings, keep your deadlines and not hanging around the pantry.

2. Dress well. If you are going to work in a shipyard and you are the foreman, you don’t want to be wearing slacks and tie. The same goes to if you are an office worker; you don’t want to be dressed in overall do you. There are certain quarters that advocate casual dress code; to foster creativity and team spirit, but trust me you can be creative and a team player when you dress formally as well. Leave the jeans and turtle necks to Steve Jobs ( he doesn’t really need a job, anyway).

3. Polish your skills. Learn about the latest tech about your job. Go for re-fresher courses. Spend at least 15 minutes every day honing your skills.

4. Make your boss look good. If your boss passes you an assignment, put your heart and soul in it. Go the extra mile and give him more than he asks. Remember your boss has a boss as well and like you, he too needs to make a good impression. You can help him to achieve this and he will treasure you.

5. Impress your boss’ boss. It is important that you subtly let your boss’ superior know your contributions. You must do this carefully. Never outshine your boss, but let his superior be aware of your good work. If your boss’s superior passes a remark to your boss that you are good, it will be difficult for your boss to disagree.

6 .Build your network. This is important regardless if you plan to move on or stay in your job. You will glean valuable information about your job if you keep in touch with people around you.

7. Create a reputation. Be known for something. Be the guy or gal everyone comes to when they face a certain problem.

8. Keep your head down. Never argue with anyone. Don’t raise your voice to anyone, especially to your superiors.

9. Smile. Smile even if you don’t feel it. Be a source of inspiration for others. This may seem petty but soon you will find people coming to you and when you have that, your value is going up.

These 9 tips can only go so far to help you stay in your job. But there are circumstances you will be let go no matter how good you are and you must move on.

Getting fired can be disorientating the least and devastating the most, but no matter what, you must have faith and belief in yourself that losing a job is not the end of the world.

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