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Job Opportunities in the Auto Shipping Industry

Today, the auto shipping industry is rife with some very interesting career opportunities. The industry includes many various positions and the career opportunities are infinite. The industry is looking for full time and part time employees to fulfill a wide variety of job duties. As in all industries, they are constantly on the lookout for devoted, motivated, hard working and qualified people to fill many challenging and cutting edge positions in every corner of the business. While the auto shipping industry is rather new on the scene, it is quite advanced and continuously reinventing itself. Little wonder there are so many promising career opportunities here offering advancement even to the new, inexperienced jobseeker.

Finding a job in the auto shipping industry is no different than in any other industry. There are classified ads in newspapers, car dealers and online career sites. Auto shipping has a need for general and specialized types of shipping personnel for shipping of multiple or single vehicles, special shipping of traditional, vintage, collectible, and customized or sports cars among many other types of cargo. Everyone is relocating these days giving rise to the wide variety of jobs available in the industry. Among them are auto mover truck drivers, shipping dispatchers, customer service representatives, driver car hauler, commercial drivers, military-vehicle drivers and shippers, truck fleet managers, too many mechanic-type positions to mention here for all levels of experience, and many others.

Truck driver is the most fundamental and obvious job required by the industry. But here the job is far more complex and requires more responsibility as the driver is accountable for loading and unloading vehicles onto the carrier trailer, inspects each vehicle before delivery, interacts with the vehicles owner at pick up and drop off as well as the task of driving his incredibly heavy and cumbersome load over miles and miles of roads, some good, some not so much. Not too mention the high value of his cargo and to some vehicle owners, an emotional value as well. The vehicles on the carrier may need to be picked up and unloaded in many different states, delivered across borders, and one job can go on for weeks before it is concluded. This is truly no job for the cream puffs, but far more interesting and enjoyable than driving the milk truck and the pay is oh, so much better.

A dispatcher is the "travel agent" who receives orders and communicates customer demands to the trucking company. Pick-up, delivery, transportation time and cost have all to be clearly established between the assigned truck driver and the customer though the dispatcher. The dispatcher participates in the planning of the customer vehicle's trip, which demands advanced organizational skills. Vehicles on any one truck may have to be delivered to widely different destinations and the planning of optimal cost-and-time effective all-round customer service with the means available to the company while maintaining profitable order influx is not a trivial task.

The client service representative is not responsible for any planning, but he or she does the crucial job of kindly providing fussy customers with all required information, including quotes by phone or email, and the job of placing orders with the dispatcher who then works with the company.

Arguably, the most critical of all the jobs in the auto shipping industry is that of the diesel mechanic. There would not be an auto transport company without this position. The routine duties of the job is to ensure that the traveling trucks are in good mechanical order and safe for the driver and the cargo. The job requirements are advanced and numerous. The rewards are high pay and high esteem.

Finally, the auto processor performs the processing of customer cars between the different company terminals.

There are some companies that will offer certified courses in many, or in some cases, all of the core positions. Training for the other positions are available at community colleges, vocational or trade schools, and sometimes on the job.

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