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Jobs in Staines

So you’re looking for a job in Staines or around the Staines area, something reasonably close to home that allows you to have a life as well as a career. The days of simply trolling down the high street to register with the local recruitment agencies are long gone; Reed, Kelly Girls, Office Angels, Blue Arrow, all closed, their offices deserted as they shrunk and scuttled back into the gloomy corners of recession. No help there then.

You settle a little resignedly in front of your PC and Google Staines jobs and predictable the results read like something out of yellow pages and are just as helpful; localrecruit.co.uk, agencycentral.co.uk, jobsite.co.uk, 1job.co.uk, all promising thousands of Staines jobs and none of them having any Staines jobs but they’ve all required you to register all your details before you find this out. 2 hours and volumes of frustration later, Staines jobs indeed, you are still no further forward.

Yet there are Staines jobs to be had, quite a lot in fact, and you just need to channel your energies and your broadband in a more finely tuned direction. Forget the middleman, so to speak, and go direct. Some very high profile companies operate in Staines and in its immediate vicinity. Bupa, employs more than 50,000 around the world and they have a huge office complex in Staines. They have 15 Staines job vacancies alone listed on their website. Centrica, used to be British Gas, also have 2 very large office complexes in Staines and a second complex, slightly further out, in Windsor. The last time I checked, in September 2010, they had over 40 Staines jobs listed for their Staines site alone. Virgin Atlantic, their very large cargo arm, is just one of the many huge airline and freight companies that are but 5 minutes from your Staines doorstep at Stanwell and Heathrow; the airline industry has been severely affected by the recession but even Virgin are showing 3 local vacancies. Kerry Foods are but 10 minutes away in Egham and they have 8 Staines job vacancies to fill. Ashford & St Peters Hospitals NHS Trust have 15 Staines jobs vacancies. Look at Logica, and LSA (the big Polish glass producers who have their UK arm in Sunbury) and Samsung; between them they have another 6 Staines jobs. Chubb Fire is a big employer in Sunbury; BP practically has their own village in Sunbury, it’s 10 minutes by car and they have a great careers website.

Don’t think it’s all just office based work either, in amongst the above are waiting staff roles, hairdresser roles, engineering roles medical, cleaning and security roles. For driving jobs in Staines, look at contractoptions.co.uk, they recruit for HGV through to car drivers.

If none of this helps you personally in your search for Staines jobs then take the ‘finely tuned’ route one step further and look at the smaller organisations that operate in the area. Lots of them you know if you think about it, like Squires garden centres, Notcutts, Spelthorne leisure centres, Spelthorne Council, Runnymede Council, Elmbridge Council, Schools and Colleges, are all local employers and they all have their own job vacancy websites.

In just the half hour it’s taken to put this article together I have sourced over 100 Staines jobs; good luck in your search.

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