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Make Money Fast Working From Home Online With "That Free Thing"

That Free Thing - Make Money & Get Freebies

Make money fast offering 1,000's of Free Products and Services from recently launched “That Free Thing” network marketing business. The business concept of That Free Thing is to provide its members with between 5 and 50 Free products and services every day in all countries around they world. Through ‘word of mouth’ marketing and the recruitment of new members they will pay commission to all fully paid members down eight levels in your organization.

Back in 2010, Co-Founders Seth Fraser and Matt Goettsche started “That Free Thing” having a combined experience of ‘forty years’ in network marketing. They both think like network marketing distributors, they act like distributors and they care deeply about their distributors’ success. Both Seth and Matt believe their business will be a major “game Changer” in the Network Marketing industry.

Seth Frazer has for the last six years been known as the “Freebie King” for finding and obtaining free products and services for free. In 2006 he wrote the book “The Legal Thief” where he revealed the little known secrets about how to get free stuff like concert tickets, drinks, meals, hotel accommodation, cars, etc all for free.

During an incredible pre-launch of seven months That Free Thing membership grew by over 400,000 including 37,000 business builders and the business continue to grow fast. Don’t miss this opportunity! Join and tell everyone that you know before someone else does.

That Free Thing – The Opportunity

The business has two types of membership, the first being ‘customer only member – these members can join just to enjoy the free products and services that are announced daily. After all we all want something for nothing or for FREE.

The second type of That Free Thing member is a business builder who is someone looking to enjoy the free product and services and wants to build an online network marketing business on a full-time or part-time basis working from home.

The owners of That Free Thing believe their little $10 a Month Business Opportunity program can make you more money than other companies charging $100 or more. The company boasts that they pay 75% of all money received back to their distributors in commissions. It cost $39.95 to be a business builder and $9.95 a month thereafter.

That Free Thing guarantees to save you money and they are so confident that they offer a full ‘30 day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE’ with no questions asked if you are not satisfied with the free products and services.

That Free Thing - Has five Income sources to make money from:

Fast Start Bonus Earn a $10 bonus for each new member you personally enroll as a Business Builder

TFT 3x8 Matrix All business builders are placed in a 3 by 8 matrix structure where each member earns a percentage from all the business distributors who fall within their first eight levels of the matrix.

Customer Bonuses When you enroll a new Customer you will receive a $10 fast start + $10 that normally goes into the matrix will paid directly to you for a total of $20.00. Plus, you will earn $3.98/month on the monthly recurring $9.95

Check Match Bonus The matching bonus scheme is where the real money in the compensation plan is made. That Free Thing will check match your income between 10% and 30% through five generations on your Business Builders and on Customers between 10% and 30%.

Infinity Bonus This is designed to reward business builders who have the ability to recruit a large organization of other members and you can earn up to $2 on every member who joins your organization to infinity.

As a member of That Free Thing you have access to four amazing products and services: Web Portal for Freebie Offers includes iPhone & Android Apps Copy of our Book "The Legal Thief" Video Email Marketing Platform Custom Back Office Support System and Training/Marketing Tools

The Future of That Free Thing

To summaries That Free Thing network marketing business is affordable to join and the ongoing costs are small and the rewards are enormous for those people who join the business. Even if you were lazy and never enrolled a single member you would still earn money by joining as the 3 by 8 matrix will fill up even if you do nothing and you will share in the business income of everybody that joined after you.

That Free Thing has just released their Daily Deal Finder which will offer all its members the exact same deals that you would find on Groupon, Living Social, Buy With Me, Scout Mob and others. The best part of this is that “YOU WILL GET PAID “a commission back when you buy these offers through That Free Thing.

That Free Thing will also offer their members exclusive deals and discounts from every single daily deal website and they will actually Pay You Commission For Buying Them. It will be your own cash back daily discount website.

I can hear you asking yourself “What am I waiting for?” I want to join. All you need to decide on is whether to be a Customer only member or a Business Builder. Join now as it’s free and then you can decide which route to take. http://workfromhomesam.com

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