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California Job Search Tips

Do you live in California? California is the most populated state in the United States. The population is California has surpassed the 37 million mark. According to the Levi (2011), the Unemployment Development Department indicated that the unemployment rate has decreased to 11.9 percent in September 2011. Furthermore, it is estimated that nearly16 million California workers held job positions over the same time span.

Although there is slight improvement in the unemployment rate, the state of California is experiencing economic difficulties like most states. Are you a California resident who is looking for good job search tips to land a good job position? The unemployment rate in the United States currently is above 9 percent. Many American households are facing foreclosure, extended unemployment, and major financial problems. College graduates must repay billions of dollars of student loan debts.

It is unfortunate that the recent economic collapse in 2008 compromised the American Dream. Most students work hard to earn their college degrees, only to discover afterward that job opportunities are nonexistent in their career field. If you are one of the lucky few to secure a job interview, the following job search tips will prepare you:

1. Research the company. Visit the website, read reviews, and locate literature on the company. Learning about the company will enable you to use examples related to their products, services, and objectives. The job interviewer will likely ask you the reason you’re applying for the job. They will also ask how you can contribute to their mission.

2. Bring the proper documents. When you are invited to attend a job interview, bring a few copies of your resume, your Social Security card, a current identification card such as a Passport and or a Driver’s License, a pen, and a notepad. In some job interviews, it is good to take notes. You must show that you’re ready to make an impact. An employer may offer you a job right away. Having your I.D. and Social Security card will show that you have confidence in securing the job position. Offer your resume to the job interviewer. Even though the employer may have an electronic version of your resume, it is also good to offer a paper copy.

3. Use the “we” pronoun during the interview process. Whenever the employer asks you questions about the company, remember to use “we” instead of “I”. For example, “We can produce immediate results through rotating leaders and holding seminars. Therefore, the “we” pronoun shows that you are already imagining yourself as a future employee. The “we” reference demonstrates you have good teamwork ethics and innovative ideas to improve the workplace.

4. Show up early to the job location. Print a map of the directions. If the job is local, visit the site prior to the job interview. Arrive at your job location 30 minutes before the job interview. Report to the job site 15-20 minutes prior to the interview process. Employers respect punctuality.

5. Use a resume writer from a reputable resume service or a resume writer with good credentials. Writing a good resume requires understanding the resume writing process. A resume and curriculum vitae emphasize different aspects of your work experience and skill level. Therefore, a resume writer will prepare a customized resume to attract attention to your experience, education, skills, and objective.

Unemployed workers, college graduates, and part-time workers who reside in California can use the preceding job search tips to land a good job. While the California unemployment is above the national average, there are many good job opportunities available. Don’t lose confidence. Be prepared to discuss your interest in the company as well as the job position. Good luck on your job search!


Levi, L. (2011). California’s Unemployment Rate Decreases to 11.9 percent. Unemployment Development Department. Retrieved November 1, 2011, from http://www.edd.ca.gov/About_EDD/pdf/urate201110.pdf

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